The 3<sup>rd</sup> International Conference on Drug Discovery & Therapy: Dubai, February 7 - 11, 2011
Enabling Technologies

The pace and performance of modern drug discovery and development is based on effective use of a range of technologies. From initial screening to lead identification and drug delivery, emerging technologies are accelerating the drug development. These technologies are also contributing immensely to improvements in the quality and productivity of drug manufacturing. Nanotechnology and ICT are among the most exciting additions in the technology paradigm which hold great promises for future. It is expected that these technologies will not only decrease the cost of the drug development but also reduce the time required for a lead molecule to emerge as a drug for clinical use.

This exciting track will showcase the R&D in emerging technologies to facilitate the drug discovery development process. Based on the very nature of the topic, the speakers and other presenters will include biomedical engineers, physicists, ICT experts, as well as medicinal chemists and health professionals. This important track will be of great interest for scientists, especially with reference to introducing new cutting edge technologies many of which are still not known widely.

The 4th ICDDT will be held in Dubai in February 2012 addresse all areas pertinent to this endeavor concentrating on leads that arise from application of the new knowledge at the cellular and molecular level. The other areas highlighted the impact of Nanomedicine (Application of nanotechnology in Human Health) on diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Nanomedicine is an emerging and expanding field with innumerable applications and may play an important role in translational research or moving from laboratory research to clinical practice.