Dr. Taleb Al-Tel received his BS in Chemistry and Chemical Technology in 1987, MS in Natural Product Chemistry in 1990 from the faculty of Chemistry, Jordan University, and PhD in 1995 from The University of Tuebingen-Germany under Professor Wolfgang Voelter followed by an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY. Dr. Al-Tel joined Transtech Pharma-USA Drug Discovery and Development in 2004 as principal scientist and advanced through roles of increasing responsibility to Team Leader. In this position, he has built a strong multi-disciplinary Chemical & Screening Sciences (CSS) organization. During his tenure he has fostered a highly creative environment based on modern drug discovery technologies and enhanced chemistry skills and capabilities via the recruitment of high caliber scientists. In his current role at the college of Pharmacy-University of Sharjah as associate professor of organic and medicinal chemistry, he oversees Sharjah Chemistry and Discovery research efforts of many0 scientists at the Sharjah Institute for Biomedical Research.

Pharma R&D Achievements: Over the years his research efforts led to the discovery of many clinical drug candidates and many compounds currently under clinical evaluation including: BACE1-Inhibitor-Alzheimers; AGRP-Obesity, I7L-Anti-viral.

Scientific Contributions
include over 150 invited lectures, presentations and publications; inventor on a one US-issued patent. Awards include: Abdel Hameed Shoman Prize for Young Arab Researchers (1999), Islamic Development Bank Award (2003), Fulbright Award (2003/2004), The Best Research Article Award-University of Sharjah-2010, University of Sharjah Incentive Award for Research Achievements-2009, University of Sharjah Best Research Project Award-2012, Suma Cum Laude Ph. D. Award-Tuebingen University-1995, Mango Award-University of Jordan-1987-1989, Jordanian Higher Education Council Award-1989, ISESCO Research Visit Award-1990, The Chemist of the Year Award-2005, TransTech Pharma-USA.

Scientific and Professional Activities
include Mini Reviews on Medicinal Chemistry Advisory Board member, Open Journal of Natural Products Advisor Board member, Journal of Organic Chemistry Research Editorial Board member, World Journal of Translational Medicine Editorial Board Member,  AAAS-member, ACS-member, The Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)-member, and frequent reviewers of many international journals including, JMC, JOC, BOC, Tetlett, EJMCHM…etc.

Academic Appointments:
Associate Professor of Organic Medicinal Chemistry at An-Najah University, Duke University, University of Sharjah, Invited Visiting Professor at many Schools including, Tuebingen University-Germany, Molecular Pharmacology Research Institute-Berlin, Ecole-Normale Superior-Paris.