Dr. Narender Gavva is currently working as a Scientific Director in Neuroscience, Discovery Research at Amgen.

A Scientific leader with twelve plus years of experience in small and large molecule drug discovery. Team leader (both small molecule and antibody programs) with an excellent track record to plan and complete research programs. Experienced in full drug discovery cycle including validation of targets, HTS, automation, hit/lead identification, lead optimization, and clinical candidate selection.

Extensive drug discovery experience in ion channels, GPCRs, transporters, and kinases toward identifying clinical candidates. Leading an in vitro pharmacology group that supports assay development, focused screens, lead optimization efforts, and evaluation of new technologies.

Gave invited lectures, platform presentations at several scientific conferences (APS, EB, SBS, Spring Pain Research, IBC ACT, Arrowhead pain, etc). Authored and published 40+ papers in research areas of drug discovery, lead optimization, pharmacology, clinical trials, molecular biology, biochemistry, and gene regulation. Serves as EABM (The Open Pain Journal), and as an ad hoc reviewer for several journals (AJP, JBC, JBS, JCI, J. Neurosci, JPET, Mol. Pharm, Pain & others).