Talal Al Zaher

Biotechnical Senior Manager, Julphar (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries), PO Box 997, Ras Al Khaymah, UAE


Julphar’s market presence, already a major global pharmaceutical company. We have a firm commitment to keep up-todate with the healthcare needs of the region by offering highly sophisticated solutions and technologies to a wide range of healthcare burdens, including diabetes..

With the establishment of our facilities, we are well poised to enter new therapeutic segments offering more complex and innovative products. Our look into the future has a strong emphasis on biotechnology. While we leverage technology to move into new therapeutic products to address serious healthcare threats, we are also eyeing expansion to continue providing solutions to healthcare providers in the region. The therapeutic trends worldwide are shifting to biotech upon the technical and scientific advances in this field. Man y bioproducts are becoming off patent thus opening the way for more competition.

As a leading pharmaceutical company in the region and in order to keep our leading edge Julphar took a strategic decision to develop and expand its biotech portfolio. Building upon its successful experience in the first 2 projects we are expanding into 4 new projects with plans for 2020 to have a well-established biotech portfolio and expertise in place to lead the company to more advances.