Chemistry (Track)


Ermitas Alcalde, Immaculada Dinarès, Neus Mesquida, Anna Ibañez, M. José García-Celma, Ferran Roigb and Ermitas Alcalde

Pharmacology and Therapeutic Chemistry, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain


In recent years ionic liquids (ILs) are becoming increasingly useful in a widening range of fields in chemistry leaning toward biology. Both charged counterparts in ILs can be independently modified, providing tunability in the design of new functional materials as well as pharmaceutical and biological ingredients, as well as modulating the properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with novel performance enhancement and delivery options. A simple method to swap the halide ion of ILs for a broad range of anions, including ibuprofenate, in non-aqueous media has been investigated as a part of our ongoing research [1,2]. In order to extend our protocol to arylpropionic acids, we herein report the synthesis of several [bmim][R-CO2] following AER (A¯form) method from selected examp les of non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs (NSAIDs). In addition, the study of the release from hyaluronan-based hydrogels as drug delivery system was carried out, considering that the high biocompatibility of this natural polysaccharide provides a good candidate for biomedical and pharmaceutical use.

Acknowledgments: The authors thank to the SCT-UB for the use of their instruments and the AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya), Grup de Recerca Consolidat 2009SGR562.


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