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Sergazy Mynzhasarovich Adekenov

Institute of Phytochemistry, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 100009, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan


Multidimensional study of endemic plant species, including isolation of terpenoids, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, ecdysteroids, study of molecules’ structures, their chemical modification, bioscreening, pharmacological and clinical research of new medicinal substances permit to come finally to practically valuable compounds – a potential basis of original phytodrugs.

Essential oils of 22 studied endemic plant species are a potential source of new biologically active compounds, generally antimicrobic, cytotoxic and antitubercular action.

During the chemical study of 23 endemic plant species of Asteraceae family, 18 sesquiterpene lactones were isolated and identified, their results of bioscreening showed perspective of search among them of compounds with antivirus, antifungal, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antitrychomonal, antifeedant, repellent and phagocytic activities.

For the first time 537 plant species of natural flora of Kazakhstan were determined as potential sources of alkaloids, among them 32 species are endemic. Thus, the found alkaloids showed neutropenic, antiparkinsonian, anticholinesterase, cytotoxic and proapoptotic activities.

For the first time made search of phytoecdysteroids in plants of flora of Kazakhstan on 42 plant species of 4 families permitted to determine the perspective sources of ecdysterone. New superconcentrates of ecdysteroids were defined endemic plant species: Rhaponticum karatavicum Regel et Schmalt., Serratula dissecta Ledeb., Serratula marginata Tausch. and Silene brahuica Boiss. The isolated ecdysteroids from them are potential sources of drugs with adaptogenic, anabolic and hypolipidemic actions.

Thus, all above-stated permits to make conclusion about urgency, the theoretical and practical importance of systematic researches of chemical composition of endemic plants for search in them the new biologically active compounds, synthesis on their basis of new multifunctional derivatives, correlation study of “structure - biological activity” and purposeful development of original drugs.