Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (Track)


Zehra Naz, Abdul Khaliq Naveed, Mehdi Raza

Biochemistry Department, Islamic International Medical College (RIU), 25-A, Lane 3, Tulsa Road, Lalazar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


High fructose corn syrup is mainly the part of liquid beverages and the increased daily consumption of these items is making our younger generation more prone to diabetes, cardiac diseases, hypertension, renal diseases and obesity. In this experimental study ninety, healthy adult male rats of Sprague-Dawley strain were given standard diet; high fructose diet and high galactose diet along with standard diet for two weeks. There was a significant increase in height of galactose group while fructose group has significant weight loss; BMI decrease in both but more in former. The blood levels of cholesterol, HDL-c, LDL-c, TG, and insulin were significantly higher in fructose group than in galactose group. There was no significant difference between blood glucose and HbA1c among these groups yet their higher levels indicate the chances of developing insulin resistance. So we recommend that fructose due to its less hyperglycaemic effects should not beused in diet and must not be prescribed in diabetes, as in the long run it can lead to obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular risk. Non-significant effects of galactose on above parameters (except lipoproteins), does not mean that it can be used as an alternative to fructose and this area needs exploration.