The 3<sup>rd</sup> International Conference on Drug Discovery & Therapy: Dubai, February 7 - 11, 2011

Bentham Science Publishers, a major STM journal publisher of 116 titles and more than 240 open access journals, answers the information needs of the pharmaceutical, bio ,medical, engineering and technology research community. Leading journals include Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 5.212) and Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.63) :

Julphar is a public shareholding company based in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE). It was established in 1980 under the guidance of H.H Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, and is currently a leader in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Since inception, Julphar remains committed to meeting the needs of an evolving society and playing an instrumental role in global healthcare development. Its approach to a fast paced market is to focus on strategic initiatives, quality product development and ensuring responsible practices.

Julphar’s goal is to create high-quality products whilst maintaining a competitive cost. Julphar achieves this through a network of eleven world-class manufacturing plants (with more planned in Ethiopia, KSA and Algeria) and a reliable logistics network which covers five continents.

Julphar maintains a diverse product portfolio which target major therapeutic segments including endocrinology, anti-infective, cardiovascular and gastroenterology, over-the-counter, nephrology, dermatology, respiratory, metabolic and burn and wound management.

In 2012, Julphar has also become the only company in the Middle East to produce the raw material needed to make insulin, highlighting their commitment to diabetes management in the region.

Julphar is well positioned to meet tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

Eureka Science is an innovative and dedicated event management and international publishing specialist based in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone in United Arab Emirates. We offer a unique range of services to our clients varying from individuals to large multinational corporations, strengthened by our core values of quality, efficiency and knowledge in client service. Equipped with a full- fledged Event Management Division, Eureka Science offers a complete solution for the management and marketing of conferences and symposia from lining up resource persons and participants in any discipline of science, social science and humanities etc. to promotional activities and managing funds catering to Development of the Idea, Management of the Full/Partial Event & Following up Post-Event Matters.

Also,Our experience and expertise in Publishing and related ancillary Information Technology fields ideally place us to convert concepts and ideas into reality.

Publishing services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Publishing (Editing, Proofreading, etc.)

  • Desktop Publishing (Composing, Graphics, Printing, Online Publishing, etc.)

  • Post-Publishing (Indexing, Distribution etc.)

  • E-Publication (Website Designing, Data Conversion, CD ROM Publishing, etc.)

Bruker Daltonics provides a broad range of high performance, easy to use Mass Spectrometry (MS) and analytical separation systems. Bruker delivers a series of innovative, fully integrated systems for use in the Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Applied Analytical, and Clinical Research areas, including:

- Protein Characterization und Quantification
- Drug Research and Devolpment
- Environmental
- Forensics and Doping Analysis
- Biomarker Discovery & Tissue Imaging
- Metabolomics
- Chemical Analysis

Utilizing a product and technology portfolio which includes LC/MS (TQ, qTOF, Ion Trap and FTMS) as well as GC/MS, ICP-MS and MALDI systems. Bruker provides the best solutions for the very latest analytical questions.

Corporate profile:

Prestwick Chemical is a drug discovery company that successfully identifies hits for its partner's target and optimizes the hits into clinical candidates. With our premium partners, we have developed the capacity to integrate the whole drug research: Hit identification using smart screening libraries and/or large scale pharmacophore based virtual screening, hit validation, hit to lead expansion, lead optimization and profiling. Our in-house expertise relies on long term experience in medicinal chemistry, with unprecedented success: 6 compounds made by Prestwick are currently in clinical development, from Phase I to Phase III.

Summary of products:

Prestwick performs fully integrated drug research: Hit identification using smart screening libraries and/or large scale pharmacophore based virtual screening, hit validation, hit to lead expansion, lead optimization and profiling.Since October 2011, we can speed-up the iterative cycles of design and synthesis by a close partnership for primary and secondary assays (project/target dependent).

Business Model: Partnering strategy/collaboration:

Our partnership/collaboration strategy includes pure FTE based fee for service contract research to objective driven research collaborations ( both with no strings attached), as well as collaborative projects with shared risks and IP.

Client portfolio:

Our Medicinal Chemistry clients and project partners include or have included the following pharma companies: Actelion, DSM, GSK, J&J, Merck KG and Merck Serono, NPS Inc., Nycomed, Sanofi ... Other smaller client reference list can be obtained upon request. Our library clients essentially include all major big pharma companies as well as over 300 smaller pharma or biotech firms and academic labs.

NovAliX is focusing on the development of enabling chemistry and biophysical technologies to support the pharmaceutical industry's outsourcing needs from discovery to manufacturing.

With proprietary SPR technology, X-ray protein crystallography, supramolecular mass spectrometry and chemistry, NovAliX offers comprehensive integrated services for small molecule drug discovery.

With advanced NMR technologies, NovAliX provides fine characterization of biologics, thorough analysis of APIs and polymorphism studies to support pharmaceutical development and manufacturing teams.

NovAliX Group, a team of 130 scientists, is located in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Strasbourg-Illkirch (France) and Heidelberg (Germany), and has a global footprint with clients around the world.

Morehouse School of Medicine (Morehouse) was founded in 1975 with a focus of address unmet medical needs of under-served communities. Since then, Morehouse has established research centers of excellences in neuroscience, cardiovasculardisease, cancer, and infectious diseases. The Office of Translational Technologies (OTT) at Morehouse was established in 2011 to diversify research revenue by leveraging Morehouse’s intellectual property and infrastructure.  OTT will accomplish this mission through: (i) creating a competitive proprietary position and effective patent prosecution as well as licensing Morehouse intellectual property to third-parties, including faculty start-ups; (ii) government and industrial contract procurement for life sciences, medical & social, and health information technology services; and (iii) new research program development, including research enhancement through private partnerships. Morehouse OTT manages 25 issued and > 100 pending patent applications and actively engages large, small and faculty start-up companies to license, develop, and commercialize > 30 products and services. OTT secured two major health IT contracts with government contractors and looks to work with others to provide unique solutions in clinical trials management,medical education, and cancer screening advocacy. Morehouse OTT seeks to translate our technologies to the marketplace through private partnerships and collaborations with our innovative faculty and new business start-ups.

PerkinElmer Informatics delivers software and services globally for research, discovery, analysis and collaboration across multiple industries including biopharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, academia and government. PerkinElmer’s Ensemble platform, now with TIBCO Spotfire®, supports crucial informatics research and development activities. Products include ChemBioOffice®, ChemDraw®, E-Notebook and LES systems for knowledge management and integrated laboratory systems.

The AGBL Group of companies is the largest biomedical gateway to the emerging markets of Middle East, Africa and Asia. The group is dedicated to bringing the latest technologies and products to researchers, clinicians, diagnostic users and healthcare providers in the markets it covers. The group employs more than 80 specialists and has seven regional offices offering distribution, consultation and product development services. The company helps biomedical technology manufacturers and suppliers introduce their products and services to emerging markets, reflecting on the healthcare standards within those markets. For more information, please visit:

Founded in 1988 by Federal Decree the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the largest higher educational institution in the UAE, having a well-respected reputation for innovative learning. Over 19,000 students attend 17 modern men’s and women’s campuses in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah and Madinat Zayed/Ruwais. HCT offers over 90 different, English-taught programs in Applied Communications, Business, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Health Sciences and Education at various levels.  All programs are designed in consultation with business and industry leaders to ensure the students’ skills are job-relevant and to the highest standards. Students learn in a technologically sophisticated, e-learning environment that encourages development of independent and life-long learning skills. HCT graduates are eagerly sought by employers as they are capable of operating effectively in today’s global business environment. Over 48,000 academic credentials have been awarded to its graduates. The HCT has established dynamic relationships with UAE companies and organizations and the world’s leading universities and organizations.

The Higher Colleges of Technology were founded in 1988 to provide post-secondary education to citizens of the UAE. The education provided is of international standard and is designed to prepare students for professional and technological careers in the private and government sectors of the UAE's rapidly developing economy and society. Dubai Men's College was opened in 1989 as part of the Higher Colleges of Technology. The college is committed to providing a high quality, career-oriented education for UAE Nationals in a dynamic and positive atmosphere that encourages creative and constructive thought. Currently there are more than 1800 enrolled students. The number of HCT graduates has dramatically increased from 64 in 1992 to 4375 in 2006. As for DMC the number of graduates increased from 21 in 1993 to 532 in 2006. To date DMC has awarded around 5781 graduation credentials. Many of those graduates have received more than one credential and they are employed and participating in the national workforce of the country. Dubai Men's College offers more than 35 programs in different fields. Each program lasts between three to four years which leads to Diplomas and Higher Diplomas in the schools of Applied Communications, Engineering, Business and Information Technology. There is also Bachelor in Applied Science degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, Engineering Management, Construction Engineering and Applied Communications. These programs are geared to the needs of local business and industry and are benchmarked against international standards.

Dubai Women’s College (DWC) recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in the company of students, faculty, staff, partners, alumnae, and friends. Founded in 1989, DWC began its legacy with only 145 students taking classes in a converted Dubai car showroom. The first batch of brave young ladies lead the way for women in the UAE not only by getting an education, but by making pioneering steps to join the predominantly male workforce after graduating. Today, 22 years later, DWC has a state of the art campus spread over 350,000m2 of cultivated land, with 2,200 students enrolled, and offering Bachelors degrees in five academic programs.

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