Venue Address:

United Nations Conference Centre, United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok 10200, Thailand


Tuesday, November 13th - Thursday, November 15th, 2018


The Conference will take place in English Language and no simultaneous translation will be provided.


The weather in Bangkok is usually warm and humid.  Light tropical clothing would be appropriate.  The conference rooms where the meetings are to be held are air-conditioned and the temperature is maintained in the range of 23-24 degrees Celsius (73-75 degrees Fahrenheit).


All participants, accompanying persons and exhibitors are kindly requested to wear their badges during the conference in order to be admitted to the venue and other scheduled activities.


  1. Any person who brings or takes an aggregate amount of foreign currency exceeding US$ 20,000 or its equivalent into or out of the Kingdom of Thailand shall declare such amount of foreign currency to a Customs Official.  Failure to make such a declaration or making any false declaration to a Customs official is a criminal offence.
  2. Currency exchange facilities are available at hotels and all over Bangkok.  Such services are also available at the Siam Commercial Bank, United Nations Branch, which is located on the first floor of the Service Building (telephone extension 2168).  The Bank opens from 0830 to 1530 hours, with no lunch break, from Monday to Friday.


The organizers are not liable for any injury or damage involving persons and property during the conference. Participants are advised to take out their own personal travel and health insurance for their trip.


Participants are REQUIRED to obtain an appropriate entry visa from the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate-General before entering to Thailand, EXCEPT for those nationals listed below.


List of countries and territories entitled for visa exemption and visa on arrival


For Ordinary passport

 A.   Visa exemption for a maximum of 14 days

Myanmar (International Airports only)

B.   Visa exemption for a maximum of 30 days

Australia Ireland Poland
Austria Israel Portugal
Bahrain Italy Qatar
Belgium Japan Russian Federation
Brunei Darussalam Kuwait Singapore
Canada Laos Slovak Republic
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia
Denmark Luxembourg South Africa
Estonia Macao, China Spain
Finland Malaysia Sweden
France Monaco Switzerland
Germany Mongolia Turkey
Greece Netherlands United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong, China New Zealand United Kingdom
Hungary Norway United States of America
Iceland Oman Vietnam
Indonesia Philippines  

C.   Visa exemption for a maximum of 90 days

Argentina Chile Republic of Korea
Brazil Peru  

For Diplomatic / Official Passport

 A.   Visa exemption for a maximum of 30 days

Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Oman
Cambodia Laos Pakistan (Diplomatic Passport only)
China Macao, China Singapore
Ecuador Mongolia Vietnam
Hong Kong, China Myanmar  

 B.   Visa exemption for a maximum of 90 days

Albania Hungary Peru
Argentina India Philippines
Austria Israel Poland
Belarus Italy Romania
Belgium Japan Russian Federation
Bhutan Republic of Korea Slovak Republic
Brazil Liechtenstein South Africa
Chile Luxembourg Spain (Diplomatic Passport only)
Colombia Malaysia Sri Lanka
Costa Rica Mexico Switzerland
Croatia Montenegro Tajikistan
Czech Republic Morocco Tunisia
Estonia (Diplomatic Passport only) Netherlands Turkey
France (Diplomatic Passport only) Nepal Ukraine
Germany Panama Uruguay

                        Visa on arrival  (for a maximum of 15 days)

Andorra India Papua New Guinea
Bulgaria Kazakhstan Romania
Bhutan Latvia San Marino
China Lithuania Saudi Arabia
Cyprus Maldives Taiwan
Ethiopia Malta Ukraine
Fiji Mauritius Uzbekistan

*Above information is updated as of 25 May 2017 by the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

Participants holding UN Laissez-Passer (UNLP) travelling on official business to Thailand are REQUIRED to obtain an appropriate visa before entering.
9.      To apply for an appropriate entry visa to Thailand, participants are required to contact the respective Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate-General for accurate information regarding visa application procedures and required documents. The list of Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate-General can be found at .
10.     Participants who may wish to apply for a visa outside their country of residence or reside in a country where there is no Royal Thai Embassy/Royal Thai Consulate should check with the meeting organizer for the location where it is possible for them to apply for a Thai visa. Please note that certain nationalities, for security reasons, are not allowed to apply for a visa except at the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate-General which has jurisdiction over the concerned territory.
11.      Participants who may need further assistance from UNESCAP on their visa application should contact the meeting organizer for necessary actions.
12.       Participants who wish to apply for a visa on arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (valid for 21 nationalities listed in the above table) should follow the below requirements:
(a)            The applicant must possess a passport with the validity of at least six months and must be in possession of a valid return ticket with date of departure within 15 days of the date of entry;
  (b)            The applicant must fill out an application form, which is available at the Visa-on-Arrival counter at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, supply one recent passport-sized photograph and a fee of Baht 2,000.

NOTE: The information provided above is accurate as of June 2017.
All participants are advised to consult with the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate in their respective countries regarding the latest applicable immigration requirements prior to their departure to Thailand.

Furthermore, in line with security procedures for United Nations staff, travel notification through the Travel Request Information Process (TRIP) is required prior to any official travel to a non-phase area. Upon notification of travel on TRIP, United Nations staff members will automatically receive an updated security advice for United Nations visitors to Thailand. Please visit to apply for this travel notification. United Nations staff is required to complete both the “BASIC SECURITY IN THE FIELD” and “ADVANCE  SECURITY IN THE FIELD” training before travelling.


Transport from and to the Airport

  1. Participants should make their own transportation arrangements from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Donmuang International Airport to their respective hotels.  Limousine, metered-taxi and bus services are readily available at the airport. Detailed information about the respective airports can be found at and
  2. To avail themselves of the airport limousine service, it is strongly recommended that participants contact only the authorized officials at the counters located in the airport arrival zone.  These officials will issue a ticket for the assignment of a limousine for transporting passengers to the desired destination, upon request. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport limousine service counters are located on the second floor at Baggage Claim and Arrival Hall exits, channels A, B and C.  For public taxi, participants are advised to proceed to the first floor of the Passenger Terminal, between exit doors 4 and 7, outdoor area, where they will find automatic dispensing machines from which they can collect a queuing ticket for a public taxi.  In addition to toll fees, there is a 50 Baht surcharge to be added to the meter charge from airport to the city.  Please refer to the airport website noted above for details.

Transport to attend meetings

  1. Participants should make their own transport arrangements to and from the UNCC.  Metered-taxis are readily available in the city. 
  2. Some hotels close to the United Nations building (indicated on paragraph 26) provide complimentary transport, according to fixed schedules, to and from the UNCC


A commercial exhibition will take place within the framework of the Conference.




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