The 1st International Conference on Drug Design & Discovery: Dubai, February 3 - 6, 2008

Organizing Secretaries

Magid Abou-Gharbia ( Wyeth Research, Collegeville, PA, USA)
Case Studies of Successful Drug Discovery and Development

Charles Cantor (SEQUENOM, Inc., CA, USA)

Erik De Clercq (Rega Institute for Medical Research, Belgium)
Anti-Infective Drug Design and Discovery

Ben M. Dunn (University of Florida, FL, USA)
Protein and Peptide Sciences

Stephen T. Furlong (Discovery Medicine, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, DE, USA)
New & Emerging Biomarkers & Drug Targets

Kenji Izuhara (Saga Medical School, Japan)
Inflammation and Allergy Drug Design and Discovery

Levon M. Khachigian (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)
Cardiovascular Drug Design and Discovery

Chandra Prakash (Pfizer Global Research and Development, CT, USA)
Drug Metabolism

Peter E. Nielsen (The Panum Institute, Denmark)
Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening

Allen B. Reitz (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, PA, USA)
CNS Drug Design and Discovery

Patrice Talaga (Global Chemistry R&D, UCB S.A., Belgium)
Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

Istvan Toth (University of Queensland, Australia)
Drug Delivery

Michael J. Waring (The University of Cambridge, England)
Anti-Cancer Drug Design and Discovery

The Regional Executive Representative

Prof. Taleb Al Tel

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry,
College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah,
P.O.Box 27272, Sharjah, UAE.
Tel: 0501732950,
Fax: 06-5585812,

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