The 2nd International Conference on Drug Discovery & Therapy: Dubai, February 1 - 4, 2010



February 1– 4, 2010, Dubai Men’s College, Dubai, UAE


Monday, February 01, 2010

LOCATION: Corridor Ground Floor

POSTER BOARD TIME: 1.00 - 5.00 pm

Wing 1 Wing 2 Wing 3
Poster Board Reference Number Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Translational Biomedical Research / Central Nervous System / Biologics / Diabetes & Obesity / Successful Drug Discovery from the Research Lab to the Marketplace Oncology / Women's Health Issues/ Successful Drug Discovery from the Research Anti-infectives / Drug Discovery and Therapy in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities / Inflammation and immunology/ Regularity Affairs
Poster Board #: 1
K. Murzyn
The Quest For Understanding The Specificity Of Polymyxin-B/Lipid-A Interactions
Poster Board #: 20 A.V. Shestopalova
Physical Parameters As A Criterion Of Efficacy of DNA-Anticancer Antibiotics Complexation On The Molecular Level
Poster Board #: 39 N.U.P. Janjic
QSPR Studies Of Newly Synthesized Succinimide Derivatives
Poster Board #: 2
G.A. Pianetti
Development and Validation of a RP-HPLC Method for Quantification of Mycophenolate Sodium Raw Material and Enteric-Coated Tablets
Poster Board #: 21 P. E. Zollinger
Ascorbic Acid Reduces CRPS Type I in 40 Consecutive Basal Thumb Joint Replacements
Poster Board #: 40
Poster Board #: 3
J. Powell
Novel Iron Materials to Address Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Poster Board #: 22 M. Tanaka
Bradeion Project: Monitoring and Targeting of Cancer-Characterization of Tissue- and Cell Type-Specific Expression of a Novel Human Septin Family Gene Bradeion
Poster Board #: 41
Poster Board #: 4
C.R. Ku
Resveratrol Inhibits Streptozotocin-induced Diabetes by Preventing Pancreatic β-Cell Apoptosis through Inhibition of the Cleavage of Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase
Poster Board #: 23 C.-Hao Chen
The Predictive Value Of Hand-Grip Strength In The Management Of Esophageal Cancer
Poster Board #: 42 P.-Li Wang
The Basic Medical Study Of Kampo Medicines On The Treatment Of Periodontal Disease
Poster Board #: 5
S. Jacob
Medication Absorption Post-Bariatric Surgery With Emphasis On Management Of Vitamin Deficiencies
Poster Board #: 24 B. Grahovac
Nuclear Egfr In Breast Cancer - Potential Marker In Optimization Of Egfr Targeted Therapy?
Poster Board #: 43 D.Y. Chuvilin
Hybrid Nanoparticles Targeted By Antitumor Antibodies And Emitting Alpha-Particles
Poster Board #: 6
S. Ivkovic
An Innovative New Natural Anti-diabetic Agent with Intracellular Mechanisms of Action
Poster Board #: 25 Z. Hassan
Effect Of Busulphan Dose Adjustment On Regimen-Related Toxicity
Poster Board #: 44
Poster Board #: 7
S. Mostafalou
Total Antioxidant Capacity And Levels Of Epidermal Growth Factor And Nitric Oxide In Blood And Saliva Of Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Patients
Poster Board #: 26 B. K.H Tan
The In Vitro Effects Of α-Solanine on MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells Are Time- And Concentration-Dependent
Poster Board #: 45
Poster Board #: 8
W. K. Oh
Tetrahydrofuran Type-Lignans From Myristica Fragrans (nutmeg) as AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Activators
Poster Board #: 27 P. Vit
Fresh Bee Pollen Characterized by Nutritional, Antioxidant and Volatile Components
Poster Board #: 46 J. Y. Shim
6-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-Naphthol (HPN) As Inhibitors Of Tyrosinase And Melanin Synthesis
Poster Board #: 9
I. Shah
CYP2D6 Pharmacogenetics And Dextromethorphan Metabolism: A Molecular Modelling Study
Poster Board #: 28 V. Kisel
Problems Of Aging, Cancer And Evolution Are Solved: Key Role Of Deformation Stiffening Of Biological Structure
Poster Board #: 47
D.R. Branch
Interleukin-11 therapy as a replacement for IVIG?
Poster Board #:10
A.S. Al-Ajlan
Lipid Profile In Relation To Anthropometric Measurements Among College Males Students In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study
Poster Board #: 29 M. Lukawska
Amidinoanthracyclines - A New Hope For Anticancer And Anti-HCV Therapy
Poster Board #: 48 A. Mahesh
Design, Synthesis And Evaluation Of New bis-DNA Intercalators As Possible Anti-Cancer Agents
Poster Board #:11
H. Stritecka
Risk Of Increase Body Weight During Break Away From Smoking
Poster Board #: 30 Y.-C. Cai
Anti-Tumor Activity And Mechanisms Of A Novel Vascular Disrupting Agent (Z)-3,4',5-Trimethoxylstilbene-3'-O-Phosphate Disodium
Poster Board #: 49
Poster Board #:12
O.B. Ounis
Effect Of Individualized Physical Training Program On Cortisol And Growth Hormone Levels In Obese Children
Poster Board #: 31 R. Preiss
Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity Profile Of Bendamustine In Patients With Impaired Liver Function
Poster Board #: 50
Poster Board #:13
P. Hlubik
New Dietary Supplement And Their Eventual Using For Weight
Poster Board #: 32 K.K. Redda
Synthesis Of 1,3,4-Oxadiazol-2-Yl Tetrahydropyridines As Anti-Cancer Agents
Poster Board #: 51
Poster Board #:14
S. Marton
Development and Comparison of Membrane and Microreservoir Type Transdermal Systems Containing Eudragit NE 30D
Poster Board #: 33 S. Rybárová
Link Betweeen Multidrug Resistence-Related Proteins And Histo-Pathological Features In Breast Cancer
Poster Board #: 52 F. Zerehsaz
Resistant Extra-Pulmonary Tuberculosis: The Healing Power Of Herbal Remedy "Z-HE"
Poster Board #:15
R. Toman
Recent Advances In Detection And Functional Analysis Of Coxiella Burnetii - The Etiological Agent Of Q Fever
Poster Board #: 34 S.C.W. Sze
Anti-Cancer Effect of Tian Xian Liquid, a Chinese Medicine Formula, in Human Colon Carcinoma HT29
Poster Board #: 53 V. Cerovsky
Lucifensin, The Key Antimicrobial Player Of Maggot Therapy And Its Possible Applications
Poster Board #:16
E. Miadoková
Utilization Of Some Flavonoid Compounds In Cancer Chemoprevention And Treatment
Poster Board #: 35 B. A. Kalantari
Production Of 186Rhenium- Perrhenate And Its Using In Preparation Of Radiopharmaceutical Compound 186Rhenium-HEDP
Poster Board #: 54 B.A. Vesely
Quantification Of Parasitemia In Leishmania donovani-Infected Hamsters By Real-Time PCR
Poster Board #:17
E. Galova
Enhancement Of The Cytostatic Therapeutic Potential By Flavonoids
Poster Board #: 36 G. Melappa
In Vitro Anti-Tumour Activity Of Carmona Retusa
Poster Board #: 55 A. Mann
Antimicrobial Activity of the Root Bark Extract and Compounds of Terminalia avicennioides
Poster Board #:18
R. Siddiqui
Resistance of Balamuthia mandrillaris to Physical, Chemical and Radiological Conditions and Encystment Mechanisms
Poster Board #: 37 Y. Watanabe
Characterization of cAMP related phosphodiestearase in mouse skin malignant melanoma B16 cells
Poster Board #: 56
Poster Board #:19
M. Aminlari
Improving The Antibacterial Activity Of Lysozyme By Conjugation With Polysaccharides
Poster Board #: 38 N.Y. Al-Marzouqi
Frondoside A Inhibits Human Breast Cancer Cell Survival, Invasion and the Growth of Breast Tumor Xenografts in Athymic Mice
Poster Board #: 57 Y.M. Al Lanqawi
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin: evaluation of initial dosing methods at AL-Amiri Hospital in Kuwait

Conference Social Mixer: 6.30 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.

The buses will leave for Hotels at 7.15 p.m.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

LOCATION: Corridor Ground Floor

POSTER BOARD TIME: 1.00 - 5.00 pm

Wing 1 Wing 2 Wing 3
Poster Board Reference Number Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Developments in Other Therapeutic Areas Proteomics and Bioinformatics / Biologics / Drug Delivery / Inflammation and Immunology Translational Biomedical Research / Diabetes & Obesity / Oncology / Regulatory Affairs / Developments in Other Therapeutic Areas/ Nanotechnology in Biomedical Research / Enabling Technologies / Pulmonary Disorder / Successful Drug Discovery from the Research Lab to the Marketplace
Poster Board #: 58
A. Jakubowsk
(1-Methylnicotinamide and 1,4-Dimethyl Pyridine Exerts Liver Protective Activity By The Prostacyclin Dependent Mechanism)
Poster Board #: 77 R. Bhullar
(Interaction Between The RAL GTP-Binding Protein And Phospholipase C Delta1)
Poster Board #: 96 S. Lee
(Development Of An Aequorin-Based Assay For The Screening Of Calcium Sensing Receptor Antagonists
Poster Board #: 59
M. Adil Butt
(Pentoxifylline - A Novel Treatment For Spur Cell Haemolytic Anaemia Complicating Alcoholic Cirrhosis)
Poster Board #: 78 J. Dziuba
(Peptide Biomarkers For The Detection Of Allergenic Proteins In Foods - In Silico Studies)
Poster Board #: 97
Poster Board #: 60
A. Calimli
(Ultrasonic Loading Technique For Candesartan Has Better Efficiency Than Ionic Gellation)
Poster Board #: 79 M.N. Gadaleta
(Effect Of Acetyl-L-Carnitine Chronic Administration To Old Rat On The Liver Mitochondrial Proteome)
Poster Board #: 98
Poster Board #: 61
Z. Cervinkova
(Metabolism And Effect Of Telmisartan On Rat Hepatocytes In Primary Culture)
Poster Board #: 80 R. Toman
(Proteomics Analysis Of Cellular Proteins Of Human Lung Cells In Response To Avian H5N1 Virus Infection)
Poster Board #: 99 M. Mussaeva
(Change Of Properties Of Medicine Optical Materials Under Gamma-Irradiation)
Poster Board #: 62
M.-K. Chen
(Expression Of BCl-2 Correlates With Poor Prognosis And Modulates Migration Of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cell)
Poster Board #: 81 S.A. Naqvi
(Discovery of new ligands for Protein Kinase PKnB from Mycobacterium tuberculosis based on Mitoxantrone)
Poster Board #: 100
Poster Board #: 63
S. Das
(The Development of 99mTc-Voriconazole as a Fungal Specific Imaging Agent: In Vitro Studies)
Poster Board #: 82 J. M.G. de la Vega
(Anticancer Activity Modeling Using Molecular Descriptors)
Poster Board #: 101
Poster Board #: 64
L. Jordheim
(Inhibition Of Protein Interaction Sensitizes The Activity Of Cytotoxic Platinum Compounds)
Poster Board #: 83 C. M.O. Simões
(Preparation, characterization and in vitro intestinal permeability evaluation of thalidomide inclusion complexes)
Poster Board #: 102
Poster Board #: 65
S. Lee
(Solvation effect on biomolecules for drug discovery)
Poster Board #: 84 S. Bodakhe
(Anticataract Activity
Of Bauhinia Variegata Bark Extract)
Poster Board #: 103 E. Pieckova
(Secondary Metabolites of Indoor Fungi Affecting Respiratory System)
Poster Board #: 66
H. Lotkova
(Effects Of Fluvastatin On The Liver Injured By Experimental Cholestasis)
Poster Board #: 85 M. Enayati
(Fabrication Of Micro And Nano Scaled Estradiol-Loaded Particles Via Co-Axial Electrohydrodynamic Processing)
Poster Board #: 104
Poster Board #:67
F. X. Malcata
(On The Antimicrobial Activity Of Cell Extracts Of Microalgae And Cyanobacteria Against Foodborne Bacteria)
Poster Board #: 86 M. Alameri
(Design, Characterization And In Vitro Dissolution Testing Of Oral Sustained-Release Metformin Hydrochloride Using Semisolid Matrix Systems)
Poster Board #: 105 V. Nikitin
(Mystery and Problems of Cloning)
Poster Board #:68
Y.J. Park
(Twenty-Four Hour Intragastric PH Profiles And Pharmacokinetics Following Single And Repeated Oral Administration Of Revaprazan, In Helicobacter pylori Positive Male Subjects)
Poster Board #: 87 Y.- Hee Kim
(Reducible poly(oligo-D-arginine) For Enhanced DNA Or Sirna Delivery)
Poster Board #: 106
Poster Board #:69
D. J. Sanchez
(Sulfasalazine-Induced Oxidative Stress In Rats)
Poster Board #: 88 M. Laniecki
(Modified Siliceous Mesoporous Materials As Carriers For Drugs)
Poster Board #: 107
Poster Board #:70
R. Tenta
(Unique Plant Extracts Derived From The Greek Flora As Potent Pharmaceutical Agents For The Treatment Of Osteoporosis)
Poster Board #: 89 L. Legoabe
(In Vitro Transdermal Absorption Of Cytarabine And Its N4-Alkylamides Derivatives)
Poster Board #: 108
Poster Board #:71
A. Abdel-Khalek
(Preparation And Kinetic Of Oxidation Of Chromium (III) Binary Complexes Involving Antiparkinson Drugs)
Poster Board #: 90 B. Matuszczak
(O-(4-Acyloxybenzoyl) Acetaminophen Derivatives as Potential Prodrugs: Synthesis and Investigations on Physicochemical as well as Prodrugs Properties)
Poster Board #: 109 D.Y. Lee
(Pancreatic Islet Pegylation As Immunological Polymeric Camouflage)
Poster Board #:72
J. Adam
(Changes Of Some Coagulation Variables With The Use Of The Second Generation Combined Contraceptive Pill: Correlation With Age, BMI And Duration Of Use)
Poster Board #: 91 N. Al Salimy0
(Synthesis, Characterization And In Vitro Mechanistic Release Study From Photocrosslinked Biodegradable Elastomers)
Poster Board #: 110 H. Kolarova
(Photodynamic Treatment On Cancer Cell Lines)
Poster Board #:73
B. Duff
(Induction Of Apoptotic Cell Death In Human Malignant Cell Lines By bis[(7E)-7-(3-ethoxy-2-Hydroxybenzylideneamino)-4-Methylquinolin-2(1H)-one]copper(II)Perchlorate)
Poster Board #: 92 C. Naveen
(In Silico Analysis of Human Pharmacokinetics Using a Threecompartment Model)
Poster Board #: 111 K. Rostamizadeh
(Preparation Of Surface-Modified Poly (Ethylene Glycol) (PEG) Magnetite Nanoparticles)
Poster Board #:74
M. Usmanova
(Influence Of Psychological Support On A Condition Of A HIV – Infected)
Poster Board #: 93 A. Solaiman
(Factors Affectinghard Capsule Shell Dissolution)
Poster Board #: 112
Poster Board #:75
A. Badis
(Removal of natural humic acids by decolorizing actinomycetes isolated from different soils (Algeria) for application in water purification)
Poster Board #: 94 M.-Chang Sheen
(Advanced Penile Verrucous Carcinoma Treated With Intra-Aortic Infusion Chemotherapy)
Poster Board #: 113
Poster Board #:76
E. Lih
(In Situ Forming Heparin-Conjugated PLGA-PEG-PLGA Hydrogels For Controlled Release Of Growth Factors)
Poster Board #: 95 A. Suana
(Stereological Analysis Of Single Application of OX7-Immunoliposomes Loaded With Low-Dose MMF Reduced Mesangial Cell Proliferation, Volume Of Extra Cellular Matrix And Glomeruli Per Kidney In Experimental Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulonephritis)
Poster Board #: 114 A.S. Al-Ajlan
(Hyperkalemia - A Therapeutic Challenge for Physicians Treating Patients of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Saudi Arabia)

Shopping Visit: Departure 6.20 p.m.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

LOCATION: Corridor Ground Floor

POSTER BOARD TIME: 1.00 - 5.00 pm

Wing 1 Wing 2 Wing 3
Poster Board Reference Number Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Cardiovascular / Developments in Other Therapeutic Areas / Biologics / Regulatory Affairs / Global Roundup of Pharmaceutical Research / Enabling Technologies / Drug Delivery / Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Anti-infectives / Central Nervous System / Drug Discovery & Therapy in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities/ Oncology / Inflammation and immunology
Biologics / Diabetes & Obesity / Enabling Technologies/ Nanotechnology in Biomedical Research / Developments in Other Therapeutic Areas
Poster Board #: 115
F. Oronsaye
Novel Antihaemiddagic Effect of a New Lotion
 Poster Board #: 135 J. Lehmann
(Novel Potential D1/D5/5-HT2-Selective Antipsychotics - From Design And Synthesis Via In Vitro to In Vivo)
Poster Board #: 155 S.S. Lim
(Inhibitory Activity of Caffeoylquinic Acids from the Aerial Parts of Artemisia princeps on Rat Lens Aldose Reductase and on the Formation of Advanced Glycation End Products)
Poster Board #: 116
A.A. El Fetouh Gouda
(Comparative Study Between Chloramine-T And Iodogen To Prepare Radio Iodinated Etodolac For Imaging Of Inflammation)

 Poster Board #: 136 X. Liu
(Identification of peptide inhibitors for PKMz As Drug Candidates For Neuronal Disorders)
Poster Board #: 156 H. J. Kang
(Bioactive Compounds From Glycyrrhiza Uralensis For Anti-Diabetic Complications)
Poster Board #: 117
D.Y. Chuvilin
(On A New Way Of Large-Scale Mo-99 Production In Molten Salt Fluoride Fuel)
 Poster Board #: 137 W. De La Haye
(The Use Of Nutritional Supplements In Reducing Craving Associated With Cocaine Dependence)
Poster Board #: 157 A.K. David
(New Glutarimide Alkaloids as Nucleotide Analogs as Probes of DNA)
Poster Board #: 118
A.R. E. Rastaghi
(Genes Alleles Associated With Chloroquine Resistance In Plasmodium Falciparum From Iran)
 Poster Board #: 138 S. Sarahroodi
(Interaction of CB1cannabinoid Receptors In Central Amygdala On Anxiety In Rat)
Poster Board #: 158 E.J. Lee
(Lithospermic Acid B Protects Beta-Cells From Cytokine-Induced Apoptosis By Hemo Oxygenase-1 Induction)
Poster Board #: 119
Q. Timour
(Cardiac Lesions Induced By Testosterone: Protective Effects Of Dexrazoxane And Trimetazidine)

 Poster Board #: 139 W.-C. Hsieh
(Efficacy of Algae Containing PPAR Agonistic Activities in the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma)
Poster Board #: 159 E. Zhmuzikov
(Synthesis Of 1,3,4-Oxadiazol-2-Yl Tetrahydropyridines As Anti-Cancer Agents)
Poster Board #: 120
A. Kopylov
(Structural Studying of Two-module Thrombin Binding DNA Aptamers)

 Poster Board #: 140 L. Lukinac
(Plasma Natriuretic Peptides In Carcinoma Patients)
Poster Board #: 160 A.S. Faqi
(Characterization Of Baseline Cardiovascular Functions In The Conscious Freely-Moving Juvenile Non-Human Primate)
Poster Board #: 121
S. Hassanein
(Association of DDAH2 Gene Polymorphism With Cardiovascular Disease In Egyptian Patients)
 Poster Board #: 141 V. Silnikov
(Design, Synthesis And Anti-Influenza Activity Of Artificial Ribonucleases)
Poster Board #: 161 T. Godovikova
(RNA-Hydrolyzing Activity Of Human Serum Albumin And Its Recombinant Analog)
Poster Board #: 122
N.S. Al-Hokbany
(New Oxorhenium(V) Complex With Imidazol [NN] / Hydantion [SN] Mixed Ligand System , And Radiochemical Behavior Of Its Oxotechentuim(V) Complex Analog)
 Poster Board #: 142 I. Taban
(Evaluation Some Cationic Surfactants Prepared From Olive Oil Having Antibacterial Activity)
Poster Board #: 162 Y.E. Jeon
(Inhibitory Activity Of Caffeoylquinic Acids From Artemisia Princeps On Diabetic Complications)
Poster Board #: 123
V. Radovic
(Penicilline Induced Hoigne -Syndrom In 21 -Year-Old Female Patient)

 Poster Board #: 143 T. J. Birdi
(Psidium guajava (Guava) Leaf Extract As An Antidiarrhoeal – Looking Beyond Antibiotics)
Poster Board #: 163 E. Sharifi
(Inhibition of structural instability and nanofibrillar aggregation of normal and glycated albumin by Alginate)
Poster Board #: 124
A. Nakagawa
(MK615, An Extract Of The Japanese Apricot (Ume), Is A Promising Anti-Cancer And Anti-Inflammatory Compound)

 Poster Board #: 144 S.H. Jeon
(Studies On The Antiviral Mechanism Of Virus-Suppressing Factor, VSF And Its Recombinant Antibody)
Poster Board #: 164 H.J. Kang
(Metergoline Induces Programmed Cell Death In Candida Krusei)
Poster Board #: 125
K.M. Abu-Zied
(Synthesis of New Pyrazolo and Fused Pyrazolopyrimidine With Expected Antimicrobial Activity)

 Poster Board #: 145 R. Kothapalli
(Identification Of Specific Inhibitor Ligands For Mmp-13 Hemopexin Domain: Possible Role As Anti-Arthritic Agents)
Poster Board #: 165 M. Mezes
(Low Dose Cinnamaldehyde Increase the Survival Time in Different Stress Conditions in Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) Model System)
Poster Board #: 126
A. Sleem
(Hepatoprotective Effects Of Cynara Extract And Silymarin On Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Damage in rats)
 Poster Board #: 146 M. Petelin
(Effect of triamcinolon in liposomes on inducible nitric oxide syntetase expression in oral wound healing in rats)
Poster Board #: 166 A.M. Gupta
Interfering with Human Thymidylate Activities of (S)-Armepavine: Collagenolytic Matrix Metalloproteinases Carcinoma
Poster Board #: 127
L. Jordheim
(Antibacterial Activity And Mechanism Of Bacterial Resistance Of The Nucleoside Analogues Gemcitabine And Zidovudine)

 Poster Board #: 147 I.M. El-Ashmawy
(Protective Role Of Grape Seed Extract And Folic Acid Against Azathioprine-Induced Anemia And Hepatic Toxicity In Rats)
Poster Board #: 167 I. S. Kim
(Influenza A Virus H1N1 And The Safety Of Plasma Products)
Poster Board #: 128
K. Kaur
(Studies On The In Vitro Spermicidal Activity Of Sperm Immobilization Factor Isolated From Escherichia Coli: A Potential Candidate For Fertility Control)
 Poster Board #: 148 K. Ganesan
(Collagen Coated Liposome Nanospheres As A Targeted And Controlled Delivery System Of Zudovudine (AZT) and Doxorubicin (DXR))
Poster Board #: 168 A. Hekmat
(The Effects Of Silver Nanoparticles And Doxorubicin Complexes On The Structure of DNA and Inducing Of Apoptosis in T47D Cell Line)
Poster Board #: 129
E. Bercovich
(Phythoterapic combination for prostate benign disease treatment)

 Poster Board #: 149 Y. Tong
(Synergistic Effect Of Six Estrogenic Compounds Isolated From Erxian Decoction For Relieving Menopausal Syndrome)
Poster Board #: 169 G. Güney
(An Investigation of Ascorbic Acid Solid Lipid Nanoparticle Interaction on 3T3 Cell Line)
Poster Board #: 130
Y.-M. Kang
(Development of a novel Docking Scoring Function for Drug Discovery)
 Poster Board #: 150 J.A. Herrera
(Reduction Of Maternal Mortality By Pregnancy Hypertensive Disorders In A Developing Country)
Poster Board #: 170 L. Genç
(The Anti-Tumor Effects of Caffeic Acid Solid Lipid Nanoparticle on 5RP7 Cell Line)
Poster Board #: 131
K. M. Park
(Injectable Bioactive Hydrogels Based On Gelatin And Heparin For Controlled Release Of Growth Factors And Tissue Regeneration)

 Poster Board #: 151 A. Baigi
(Health Of Women. The Impact Of Lifestyle On Blood Pressure)
Poster Board #: 171 S. Ramkanth
(The Effect of Annona squamosa Linn in Dexamethasone Induced Diabetes Mellitus)
Poster Board #: 132
V. Sadeghzadeh
(Improved Quality Of Life With Cardiac Rehabilitation For Post-Myocardial Infarction Patients in Zanjan)

 Poster Board #: 152 S. Azeddine
(Toxic And Essential Trace Elements In Human Milk From Moroccan Lactating Women: Association With Dietary Habits And Other Factors)
Poster Board #: 172 B. George
Novel Cell Culture Materials
Poster Board #: 133
X.F. Yin
Inhibition of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1β by Hispidin Derivatives Isolated from the Fruiting Body of Phellinus linteus
 Poster Board #: 153 X. Louis
(Treatment With Resveratrol Prevents Norepinephrine Induced Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy)
Poster Board #: 173 J. Fanfrlik
(Protein-Ligand Scoring Based On The Modified Semi-Empirical Quantum Chemical Pm6 Method)
Poster Board #: 134
A.H. Al-Taiar
(Biologics Of Organo-Metallic Complexes Affecting Drugs Shown By Uv-Visible Spectrophotometry)
 Poster Board #: 154 M. Kalachaveedu
(Pharmacological Validation Of Cardiospecific Protective Effects Of Inula racemosa)
Poster Board #: 174 S. Misra
Xylitol For Prevention Of Dental Caries

Gala Dinner: 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. (The dinner will be served at 7.00 p.m.)

The buses will leave for Hotels at 8.30 p.m.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

LOCATION: Corridor Ground Floor

POSTER BOARD TIME: 1.00 - 5.00 pm

Wing 1 Wing 2 Wing 3
Poster Board Reference Number Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Poster Board Reference Number
Name of Presenter & Title of Presentation
Developments in Other Therapeutic Areas / Biologics / Regulatory Affairs / Global Roundup of Pharmaceutical Research Capabilities and Opportunities / Enabling Technologies / Drug Delivery / Central Nervous System / Obesity Central Nervous System / Drug Discovery & Therapy in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities / Oncology / Inflammation and Immunology / Drug Delivery / Cardiovascular / Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Biologics / Diabetes & Obesity / Enabling Technologies/ Nanotechnology in Biomedical Research / Developments in Other Therapeutic Areas / Anti-infectives / Translational Biomedical Research / Oncology
Poster Board #:175
B. Kosikova
Lignin Antioxidants For Preventing DNA-Damage Of Mammalian Cells
Poster Board #: 202 N. Akhmedov
Structure-Functional Organization Of The Cardioactive Peptides
Poster Board #: 229
A. Ammarellou
Evaluation Of In Vitro Antimicrobial Effects Of Curcuma longa
Poster Board #: 176
Z. I. Alehaideb
Screening Rhei Rhizome Potency Using Individual Component And Whole Extract Approaches Of Chemical Mixture Analysis
Poster Board #: 203 M. Bassim
Nigella sativa Retard The Progrssion Of Atherosclerosis: An Experimental Study In Rabbits
Poster Board #: 230
I.M. El-Ashmawy
Teratogenic and Cytogenetic Effects of Ivermectin and its Interaction with P-glycoprotein Inhibitor
Poster Board #: 177
T. Tallberg
Prostate Cancer, Studes On Aetiological, Therapeutic, Prognostic And Prophylactic Factors
Poster Board #: 204 H.-I. Yeh
Biological Effect And Application Of A Novel Fluorescent Gold Nanocluster In Endothelial Cells
Poster Board #: 231
M. Taran
Evaluation Of Gum Against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis In Mice
Poster Board #: 178
A. Leszczynska
Statins Change Cellular Lipid Metabolism: Yeast As A Model Organism For Investigating The Effects Of Statin Treatment
Poster Board #: 205 T.S.M. Saleem
Cardioprotective Effect Of Sesame Oil In An In-Vitro Model Of Myocardial Ischemic Reperfusion Injury
Poster Board #: 232 I.C. Gouveia
A New Antibacterial Agent For Materials Functionalization: An Application On Polyamide PD-Catheter Dressings
Poster Board #: 179
M.A. Aguilar
Risperidone Attenuates The Rewarding Effects Of MDMA In Mice
Poster Board #: 206 K. Ouguerram
Effects of Dietary Cholesterol on Reverse Transport Cholesterol in the Golden Syrian Hamster CETP Species Using Hamster Primary Macrophages
Poster Board #: 233 K. Bala
AGE Characterization: High Sugar Concentration Indicating Hyperglycaemic Condition Stabilizes Secondary Structure of Human Serum Albumin
Poster Board #: 180
J.-Song Bian
Hydrogen Sulfide, A Potential Drug To Treat Parkinson's Disease
Poster Board #: 207 G.T. Djuraeva
Estimation Of Transport Capacity Of Human Serum Proteins At Liver Pathologies With Use Of Tritum Labeled Pharmacological Preparations
Poster Board #: 234 C. Pricop
Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis In Retrograde Ureteroscopy: What And How Long?
Poster Board #: 181

Poster Board #: 208 Y.-Lin Yang
Dioscorea Alata L. Acts As A Novel Fibrosis Antagonizing Herb Partly By Down-Regulating TGF-Beta/smad Signaling Pathway
Poster Board #: 235 O. Kulkarni
MRL lpr mice: A Suitable Mouse Model To Validate Compounds That Can Suppress Autoimmunity And Autoimmune Tissue Pathology
Poster Board #: 182
G. Pavlova
Influence Of Neurotrophic Factors Transfected Into Insect Cells On The Development Of Mammalian Neural Tissue
Poster Board #: 209 G. Melagraki
Prediction of MEK inhibition and oral bioavailability of novel isothiazole derivatives using in silico techniques
Poster Board #: 236 G. Dovbeshko
Phenomenological model of the emergence of cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy
Poster Board #: 183
S. Mehrabian
The Survey of Influence of Lactic Acid Bacteria on Decrease of Cholesterol and Entrotoxigenic Bacteria Colonization
Poster Board #: 210 N.Hamoudi
Formulation And Optimization Of Microemulsionbased Organogels Containing Propranolol Hydrochloride Using Modified Simplex And Central Composite Design
Poster Board #: 237 C. Reichel
Appropriateness of Crohn's Disease Therapy in Gastroenterological Rehabilitation
Poster Board #: 184
M.A. Ghattas
New Leadlike Allosteric Inhibitors of PTP1B as a Potential Therapy for Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Diet-Induced Obesity
Poster Board #: 211 J. Rezac
Semempirical Qm Methods Corrected For Noncovalent Interactions
Poster Board #: 238 M.S. Rizk
Soluble endoglin could excert a modulatory effect on the TGF-ß1 signaling pathways
Poster Board #: 185
G.A. Tarfiei
Methylation Status of 5' UTR End Of ROR2 Gene In Osteoblast Differentiation of MSCs
Poster Board #: 212 S. Starodubtsev
Natural And Thermosensitive Hydrogels With Embedded Oil Droplets As Drug Delivery Systems
Poster Board #: 239 N. Ramakrishnan
NIAID/NIH Radiation/Nuclear Medical Countermeasures Research and Development Program
Poster Board #: 186
S.N. El-Sukhon
The Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Effect of Rumen Flora
Poster Board #: 213 A. Shamsizadeh
Evaluation Of Relation Between IL-4 and IFN-g Polymorphisms And Type 2 Diabetes
Poster Board #: 240 B. Ahmed
Study of The Dynamics of Surface of Molecules By Time-Resolved Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Poster Board # :187
F. Palmieri
Mitochondrial Transporters For Aspartate And Glutamate And Related Diseases
Poster Board #: 214 H.M. Shin
HMC05, Herbal Formula, Inhibits TNF-A-Induced Inflammatory
Poster Board #: 241 B. Tabibi
Nanophotonic Immunoassay and Therapeutic Spectroscopy of Drug Delivery
Poster Board #: 188
S.S. You
Thermosensitive Chitosan-Based Hydrogel Releasing Osteogenic Protein-1 for Cartilage Regeneration
Poster Board #: 215 C.R.T. Muńoz
Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of a Isoindoline Series
Poster Board #: 242 S. Song
A Resveratrol Analogue Hydroxy Substituted 2-Phenyl-Naphthalenes Treatment Overcomes The Resistance Conferred by Bcl-2

Poster Board #: 189
J. Stankovic-Ciric
The Effects Of Neurotoxic Insecticides On Concentration Of Proteine In Analyzin Organs
Poster Board #: 216 E.I. Al Ayoubi
Drug Interaction in Diabetes
Poster Board #: 243 R.M. Ghorab
An innovative Epigenetic merge inTreatment of Leukemic Patients
Poster Board #: 190
G.J. Prud'homme
Tranilast Targets Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Poster Board #: 217 I.A. Alsarra
Acyclovir Liposomes for Intranasal Systemic Delivery: Development and Pharmacokinetics Evaluation
Poster Board #: 244 A. Agil
Prevention of the metabolic complications of the obesity in infant Zucker rats (ZDF) by melatonin
Poster Board #: 191
A. Misicka-Kesik
Opioid Analogs As Prospective Selective Carriers Of Platinum Ion In Anticancer Therapy
Poster Board #: 218 I.N. Ahmed
Spectrophotometric and Chromatographic Analyses of the DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Methanol Extracts from Clerodendron Myricoides, satureja Punctata, urtica Sciemensis, Ajuga remota and Gnidia stenophylla
Poster Board #: 245
M. Kutlu
The Effect of B12 Vitamin Solid Lipid Nanoparticle 5RP7 Cell Lines
Poster Board #: 192
T. Kamata
Highly Sensitive Assay Of Metallothinein And Hepcidin By Hplc-Nam Fluorometry
Poster Board #: 219 S. William

Poster Board #: 246
Noel Dzimnenani Mbirimtengerenji
Factors That Influence Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis In Malawi
Poster Board #:193
A. Fulias
Comparative Study Between Cephalexine and Cefadroxil Thermal Behaviours
Poster Board #: 220 J.E. Kim

Poster Board #: 247
A. M. Nargol
Histologic investigation of langerhans islets of pancreas in the treated diabetic rats with hydroalcoholic Cynara scolymus extract
Poster Board #:194
A. Ammarellou
Study On In Vitro Production Of Medicinal Roots
Poster Board #: 221 N. Al-Kahtani

Poster Board #: 248
Z. Zarnegar
Polyoxazoline-ß-cyclodextrin Hyperbranched Copolymers as drug delivery
Poster Board #:195
A. Afantitis
A Novel QSAR Model for Modelling and Predicting TNF-α Inhibition by Small Molecules
Poster Board #: 222 E.I. Zhmurikov
To the Question of the lifetime for the Artificial Graphites
Poster Board #: 249
W. Qiu
Construction Of Eukaryotic Recombinant sTRAIL Expression Vector And Its Effects Of Anti -C6 -Glioma Activity In Vitro
Poster Board #:196
T. Han
Synthesis Of Drug-Biodegradable Conjugates
Poster Board #: 223 H. Ken
Integrating Gene-Brain-Behaviour Sensitivity and Resistance Mechanisms
Poster Board #: 250
A. Siddiq
Sulfo Fatty Acids in Allium sativum: A New Potential Drugs
Poster Board #:197
O. Dehkordi
Nicotinic Receptor Expressing Cells of Intrapulmonary Airways Contain the Neurochemical Substrate for Bitter Taste Transduction
Poster Board #: 224 K.O. Riba
High Throughput Functional Cytotoxic Factor Produced
Poster Board #: 251 A.R. Cunha
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Bridged Analogues
Poster Board #:198
M.A. Aouni
Antimicrobial Activities of 20 Tunisian Plants Species
Poster Board #: 225 K.R. Linden
Nitric Oxide as a Biomarker
Poster Board #: 252 I.S. Kim
Inactivation of Influenza A Virus H1N1 by Disinfection Process
Poster Board #:199
J.C. van Velkinburgh
Whole Genome Analysis to Predict Sepsis Progression and Outcome: Translating Nextgen Sequencing into Improved Diagnostic Devices and Therapeutics
Poster Board #: 226 S.A. Tavernier
Endotoxin-Stimulated Responses and Therapeutic Bench to Bedside: The Clinical Development
Poster Board #: 253 Z. Wang
Synthesis and Biochemical Evaluation of Methanesulfonate
Poster Board #:200
C. Wolf
Modeling Using QSAR/as a Tool
Poster Board #: 227 R.A. Sahu
Imino-aldehydes- A Pertuzumab in Women's Cancers
Poster Board #: 254 W. Zhaou
In Silico Screening of Novel Inhibitors of Natural Products
Poster Board #:201
B. Krishnankutty
Drug Development Of 2-Deoxy Glucose, A New Radiosensitizer For Treating Glioblastoma multiforme
Poster Board #: 228 R.S. Ross
Antiulcer and Cardiovascular Pathway Analysis: Early Hematopoietic Progenitors
Poster Board #: 255 S. Qian
Microwave-Assisted Solvent-Free Organic Reactions

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